Frequently Asked Questions


Any further questions please call at (319) 665-4707 or email us at


What are the Menus and Prices?

Menus and prices are listed here.

How do I place an order?

By using the Calendar page choose a Pick-Up date for either Naomi’s Kitchen in North Liberty or Kathy’s Pies in Cedar Rapids. From the date you choose, you will pick a Menu and entrées, and then pay.

How often do Menus change?

Our Menus change the first of every month. Items on the 3 Serving/6 Serving Menu differ from the 2 Serving Menu. The Low Carb and Gluten Free Menus change monthly as well.

Is the Gluten Free Menu celiac-friendly?

We do our very best to make sure our Gluten Free entrées are made separate from any of our other food which may contain gluten. However, we do have gluten in the building and in many of our other entrées, so we cannot guarantee there is no cross-contamination.

What is the difference between the 2 Serving Lite Menu and your other menus?

There are a couple of differences. First, the portion sizes for the 2 serving Lite menu are smaller than for all other menus. For example, the 2 serving Lite menu uses 4 ounce chicken breast, while all other menus use 6 ounce chicken breasts. Second, the 2 serving Lite entrées are around 400 calories or less per serving, while all other menus often have more calories per serving.


How are entrées prepared?

Naomi's Kitchen staff hand-assembles entrées daily. We immediately package entrées in either foil containers or Ziploc Freezer Bags to ensure freshness. All entrées are frozen when you Pick-Up (please note that some entrées that contain soy sauce or alcohol will not freeze solid).

May I double up on entrées?

Yes. You may double up on some entrées while passing on others...we seek to maximize your choices. You can even order all of one entrée!

Do you split the six serving entrées?

Yes! We automatically split all six serving pan or bagged entrées into two pans or bags of three servings. For example, if you order one six-serving order of Brown Sugar Ham Balls, you will find two 8x8 pans, each containing 3 servings.

Will you customize entrées by adding spices and other ingredients to cater to my family's taste?

Because we mass-hand-assemble entrées, which creates cost-savings for all customers, we do not customize entrées.

How long do entrées keep in the freezer?

Entrées keep in the freezer for several months. As long as entrées stay frozen, they will not “spoil.”

Pick-Up and Delivery

What if I can’t make your Pick-Up times work?

If you cannot find a time on our Calendar page that works for your schedule, please sign up for the date closest to when you want to Pick-Up and email or call our office to arrange a time that works for your schedule. We are pretty darn flexible!

How do I arrange for Delivery?

We will Deliver within a 30 mile radius of North Liberty for an extra $40. We set these up with each individual personally, for a time and date that is convenient for them. Once you have placed your order as a Pick-Up, email or call us and we can set up a Delivery time. You can pay the extra fee over the phone. *Note* We will not Deliver food to an individual as a “surprise.” We have found that surprising someone with large amounts of food causes problems for the recipient finding room to store the food. Our food makes an EXCELLENT gift, but people appreciate knowing it is coming.

How do I transport my food home?

All orders are packed in one or two large, plastic grocery bags. Some people also choose to bring a large cooler or laundry basket to transfer the meals immediately to their home freezer or refrigerator.

Gift Certificates

Can I purchase a Gift Certificate?

Yes, by visiting this link (here). Gift Certificates can be purchased in any amount. However, if the amount doesn't cover the cost of a package, the recipient will have to pay the difference.


Do you sell single servings or package sizes other than listed in the Menus?

No. However, we do sell any entrées we have made too many of at the end of each month. These are sold à la carte on a first come first serve basis, until they are gone.

Do you sell side items?


How do Fundraisers work?

We work with all kinds of nonprofits and for-profits who are raising money for a special cause. Working with you, we’ll identify dates and times. Each order for your Fundraiser earns your organization $20. You order entrée packages; you get money. Simple as that. Please email our office at or call us at 319-665-4707 for more information.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Check, Cash, Visa, Discover, and MasterCard. Cash and Checks are always preferred!

Must I own a deep freeze?

Having extra freezer space is helpful for the 6 and 3 serving menus. The 2 serving, Gluten Free, and Low Carb menus take up much less space.The photos below show each size order in an above-the-fridge freezer of a 20 cubic foot refrigerator.

6 Serving Menu

3 Serving Menu

2 Serving Lite Menu

Gluten Free Menu

Low Carb Menu